5 Reasons To Watch WWE NXT


I’ve told a lot of people that WWE NXT is by far my favourite wrestling show. That might seem odd as it’s only shown on the WWE network in USA. Also, it’s considered to be WWE’s developmental show which is probably why it’s hardly ever mentioned on the main shows (Raw and Smackdown). But if I was to recommend ONE show to someone interested wrestling, NXT would without a doubt be the one. Here are five reasons why:


1. Only an hour long per week

Including breaks, WWE Smackdown is two hours long and WWE Raw is THREE hours long. Even for a dedicated wrestling fan like me, it’s overwhelming. The shows are often overloaded with “filler” which normally consist of poor attempts at comedy. Don’t get me wrong, the shows have their moments. You get some amazing matches and segments but these are few and far between.

NXT is only an hour long each week and doesn’t contain any filler whatsoever. Its main focus is wrestling and interesting storylines that you will actually care about. One hour is enough to get a satisfactory amount of entertainment. Most top rated TV shows/dramas are an hour long per episode so why should wrestling be any different?

2. Best wrestlers from around the world

Right now, NXT the roster is filled with world class talent. Kevin Owens, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami and Finn Balor are examples and have all honed their craft on the independent wrestling scene around the world and have now begun their WWE adventure. These guys aren’t newbies. Put them in the ring with each other and you’re pretty much guaranteed a great match. There are more top stars like them to come and this is only the beginning.


3. Special shows every few months

WWE has a 3 hour PPV show every month without fail. This means that many of the matches on these shows are thrown together and hardly any thought has gone into the storylines. Admittedly, big PPV matches are usually great with the wrestler’s performances compensating for the lacklustre storylines.

NXT only has 2 hour special shows around every 4 months which are free if you have Sky Sports or the WWE Network. This allows for a decent amount of build up each week up and gives you time to get invested in the storyline before the pay off. Recently, we saw Sami Zayn work his way up from losing all of his matches to winning the big one (NXT Title) from Adrian Neville. That title match from NXT Takeover: R Evolution is most definitely in my top 3 matches of 2014.


4. Divas are wrestlers too

All the WWE Divas on the main shows are portrayed as models that can barely wrestle a match. It’s sad because in reality, so many of them are great wrestlers and are much more than eye candy.  They are given miniscule amounts of time to actually wrestle on TV and PPVs so are mostly ignored by fans. I don’t like to point the finger but all wrestling fans know that Vince McMahon doesn’t think highly of the Divas so as long as he’s in charge of the main shows, I doubt very much is going to change.

The NXT Divas roster is full of talent with women who can put together a great match just as well as the male wrestlers can. Charlotte (Ric Flair’s daughter), Bayley and Sasha Banks have proven this. You can tell that these women are dedicated to wrestling and are focused on putting on amazing matches. They are miles ahead of the Divas on the main roster but much of that is due to them being given a chance to shine.


5. Triple H runs it

Triple H gets a lot of hate regarding his position and how he got there. Regardless, nobody can deny that the product is amazing when he’s calling the shots. NXT is proof of that. He has an excellent eye for talent and understands how the wrestling business has evolved. He gives the fans what they actually want to see and hopefully, NXT is a preview of what the main product will be like in the next 10 years or so.

By Warren


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