Guess Who’s Back

So many of you have been asking what’s going on? Why no more posts on the blog? Have you stopped training? Have you fell off the band wagon?

1497630_10203020099249214_1419609322_nWell the truth is I basically took some time off everything to reset, to relax a bit as well as spend time with family and friends, but that doesn’t mean I took time off training… na never that! I have been training A LOT! During my “time off” I experimented with different forms of training as well as different diets. Which I will be talking more about in some later posts.

1509181_10203078256863118_1357249367_nWhen I last left you guys, I was on my way to a 3 month holiday to Guyana, where I trained heavy… very heavy and ate well, a bit too well and of course had some drinks (Had to get my fill of that El Dorado Rum!!) came back with that holiday weight… admittedly not all of it was fat but still I was heavier than before. Was I depressed or guilty about this? Not at all! I have always said that as well as being disciplined and training hard you need to enjoy life. Enjoying life is exactly what I did while on holiday.

So I came back to grey ass England weighing in at 18 stone, when I left for holiday I was 16 and a half stone. I thought this would be a prime time to try some things out, I had already planned to take some time off acting for personal reasons as well as time to reset and relax so I had nothing to lose.

Now I’m here, I have a workout routine which I feel is working and I have a diet which again I feel is working.

So what can you expect from regeneration health for the rest of the year (what little is left of 2014)? Well for now… or at least for the next 4 weeks you can expect some reviews and posts regarding supplementation; I’ll be talking about some of the diets I’ve been on, how I found them and what they did for me. As well as diets I’ll be talking about some of the training styles I’ve been doing, again explaining how I found them and what they did for me.

Next year I’ll be spilling the beans on what I’m doing now, why I’m doing it and how it is affecting my results. Until then enjoy the posts to come and IM BACK BABY!

By Fiaz Ali


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