Regarding diet I’m going to try and make it as simple as it can be, now I’ll be honest with you this is not a perfect diet plan but it is a plan and if you follow it you will see results, as I said it’s not a perfect plan.

Firstly let’s have a look and see how much calories you should be eating a day, below is a link for a calorie calculator which I use regularly. Check out how much calories you should be eating to lose weight and let’s take it from there.

Now as far as diet is involve make sure you have protein and carbs in each meal and try to at least get veg in there once or twice a day. Use “The 8 Hour” system in your diet and make sure to stick to you caloric needs.

Counting calories can be hard and yes you will need to make some scarifies but they will all be worth it. Things such as canned fish has the calories written at the back so your sorted there however there are some times where you’ll need to google certain things, for example how much calories in a chicken breast? Well I didn’t know that so I googled it.

Now this process does not mean you have to cut out home cooked food, as I said in one of my videos I enjoy my mums cooking and I still eat it however I have home cooked food once a day, the rest of the day is normally filled with chicken (grilled or roasted with veg) or canned fish with brown rice. I normally guess the calories for my home cooked food; I normally say it’s about 600 calories.

Some good sources of protein can be found in;

  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Steak

That was what I kept it to, there are some other good sources of protein but again I like to simplify things to make life easier.

Some good carbs are;

  • Brown rice
  • Brown pasta
  • Krackerwheat biscuits (which can be found in Tesco’s)
  • Porridge

Again there are other good sources of carbs out there but I stuck to the 4 above just to make life easier.

Regarding veg I normal buy the frozen mixed veg from Tesco’s as it has the calories written on the pack and it’s easy to prepare.

Plan out your cheat meals and once every 2 weeks maybe have a bit of a cheat. If you want to be hard core do what I did: don’t have any cheat meals for the 3 months but I’m not going to lie to you it’s going to be hard.

Water needs to be your friend try to drink about a gallon a day, cut out the sweet drinks and replace them with water. Black coffee and green tea are also good things to include in your diet.

Like I said above check out your caloric needs using the calculator and stick to it, use the above to get some ideas of foods to eat and use “The 8 Hour” system. If you don’t know what “The 8 Hour Diet” is then shame on you for not checking out my other videos… ok I forgive you check it out below.


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