To protect and serve the living.

R.I.P.D._PosterNick (Ryan Reynolds) a recently deceased cop finds himself joining the R.I.P.D, a police force for undead cops. While trying to send dead people who are still living on earth to judgement he also tries to get revenge on the person who killed him.

I’m not going to lie I honestly didn’t expect much of this film; however it’s actually a decent film. It was very entertaining the CGI was done very well and yes the film does seem a little like “Men In Black” however what the hell it was still a decent film.

The chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges is good, not as awesome as Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington in “2 Gun’s” but it was still good. One thing that I really didn’t like about this film was at times it was hard to understand Jeff Bridges, but that didn’t ruin the entertainment for me.

R.I.P.D has been given a lot of bad reviews by critics but the film really isn’t as bad as they say it is, it does everything it sets out to do. The plot is simple and easy to follow (Ok its very similar to “Men In Black” but that doesn’t warren it a bad film), there some decent funny moments in it and as I said the CGI was very well done.

The film is actually based on the comic book Rest in Peace Department by Peter M. Lenkov, which would make this Ryan Reynolds 4th appearance in a film adapted from a comic book, Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity (which I thought he was actually the best part of the dreadful film), Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Not that great but I could live with how he portrayed Deadpool) and Hal Jordan in Green Lantern (Which we will never speak about again!).

Kevin Bacon is also in the film and as much as I like him in his previous films now all I could of thought about while watching the films was “When is he going to pull out a mobile phone a promote EE”, nonetheless he still did a good job in the film.

R.I.P.D as far as I’m concerned is a fun and entertaining film which is definitely not as bad as the critics are saying.

Rating 4/10

By Fiaz Ali


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