News – Ben Affleck As Batman

“I want you to remember, Clark…in all the years to come…in your most private moments…I want you to remember…my hand…at your throat…I want…you to remember…the one man who beat you.”

superman-batman-logo-1-300x199So here’s something that’s old news but I still would like to see what people think about it. Recently we’ve found out that Ben Affleck will be the new Batman in “Batman VS Superman”. How do you guys feel about this casting choice?

I’ll be honest with you; my friends all know that I’m a big batman fan! Hell for my latest birthday most of my presents were batman related but I digress, when I found out Ben Affleck was going to be The Dark Knight I was pissed off, I mean actually pissed off! As I know I wasn’t the only one. Why Ben? Ok he can act when he wants to but please tell me this is a joke. The question that kept crossing my mind was is this going to be another flop like 1997’s “Batman and Robin”.

Now although some people don’t like The Dark Knight trilogy I absolutely loved em and I appreciated what Christopher Nolan did; which was to try and make it seem like Batman could exist in the real world, that’s why he refrained from doing such character’s such as Mr Freeze or The Penguin for example.

Man of Steel was ok to me, it was very hyped up but for what it was it was decent, at least it’s the best were going to get in regards to a superman re-boot.

Now here’s what I think, and no I didn’t hurt myself in the process… ok maybe a little but it was worth it! Originally I thought things were going to go down like this; you got your “Dark Knight” trilogy, then there was going to be a “Man of Steel” trilogy which maybe at the end of the 3rd instalment there would be a hint that Batman would come in or maybe even made a little cameo towards the end, then there would be a “Batman VS Superman” and that would lead up to a “Justice League” film (of course while the other character’s such as “Wonder Women” and “Flash” etc got their own individual movies) all in all I thought it was going to happen like how Marvel did the build-up to “The Avengers” which I have to say was awesome!

However unfortunately Hollywood is in trouble it seems and a lot of films aren’t doing as well as they should, but superhero films are box office gold at the moment. So from what I’ve gathered they are just pulling Batman into “Man of Steel 2” or “Batman VS Superman” or whatever it going to be called in order to cash in that pay check. Which is a shame because that means that there is no love for the franchise’s or fans of said franchise’s and it’s all just one big dollar sign. Now of course I understand people got to make money but surely they would make money by giving the fans what they want which at the moment is a decent superman trilogy, yes people want to see the legendary “Batman VS Superman” story but they could have done things so much better in my eyes.

Ok now I know I’ve rambled on about this issue but what I will leave you with is my final thought on this subject and that is;

  • Yes this is just a scheme to get more people to watch the next film
  • Yes by the looks of it they are moving at a fast pace towards a justice league film
  • Yes all we can do is hope and pray they don’t fu*k this up
  • And finally give Ben Affleck a chance, who knows he might surprise us. Remember the last time everyone was in uproar about a Batman film? It was because Heath Ledger was casted as The Joker and look how that turned out.

As I said let’s see what happens, but how do you guys feel about the whole Ben Affleck being the new Batman?

“Batman vs. Superman” is set for a summer 2015 release.

By Fiaz Ali


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