I’m Back!

It’s been a while but there’s a good reason.

Apologies for my recent absence on here but as the title say’s I’m back! During my little break I entered in a body transformation competition for GNC, I opted  for the “Male Weight Loss Body Transformation” category. After entering I had 12 weeks to change my body composition and with both a good clean diet and a good training regime I succeeded.

When I started the competition I was 19 stones 6 pounds and I finished at 16 stone 6 pounds. But it wasn’t easy, not at all. I really did push my body to the limit!

Those of you who have been reading my posts on the “Workout corner” knows that I was using a Max OT training programme to build some serious muscle, at the time I had no real diet I just kept a mindful eye on everything I was eating as well as lifting heavy ass weight.

Before the competition I planned everything out, how I was going to work out, what I was going to do, what I was going to eat and when. Diet wise, I planned to eat a completely clean diet which consisted of;

Porridge mixed with water

Either tuna or sardines with either veg or krackerwheat biscuits

Curry and rice

Protein shake x 2

Chicken and veg

That’s it, every day for 12 weeks. I didn’t have a cheat day. I never missed a meal and I never missed a work out.

Coming on to the workout, I knew I had some serious weight to shift so I planned that I would do Max OT for a month and then do supersets (I’ll talk more about these 2 types of workouts in another post).

The 2 weeks before my start date for the competition I ate everything that was bad for me, I said let me get it out of my system so during the new 3 months I won’t be tempted. Did it work? I can’t tell if doing that worked or if it was just the willpower to do well but during the 12 weeks I didn’t have a cheat meal, don’t get me wrong I was tempted.

This was actually what I had the day before training, and my god was it nice!



As well as putting up posts I’ll be doing some videos in the next few weeks mostly of me talking to you guys giving advice and motivation, because I’ve found people prefer to watch or listen to something rather than reading.


So this is my first post since I’m back and it sure aint my last. Below is a before and after pic as well as a video which shows my progress so far including “The Bulking Phase”.

By Fiaz Ali



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