The Heat

I’ll kill her with your dead body!

The_Heat_posterThe director of bridesmaids, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy come together to bring you this buddy cop comedy.

Uptight FBI agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is thrown together with Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) a bad-tempered Boston cop to bring down a drug lord. One slight issue, neither of them have ever had a partner before.

The Heat is a typical buddy cop comedy, with some decent performances from Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy who share some good on screen chemistry.

When I reviewed Melissa McCarthy’s last film “Identity Thief” I did a little rant about how pathetic people were being by hating the movie just because Melissa McCarthy’s overweight, here’s what I said;

“Something that I absolutely hate is the fact that this movie is getting a lot of hatred because she’s in it, not just because she’s in it but it’s the fact that she’s overweight! I can’t believe how silly some people can be. Why the hell should the fact that Melissa McCarthy is overweight be such a big problem?  Should that be a good reason for this film to get bad reviews or hate? Grow up people. Ok so that’s my little rant over.”

Yet again this is the cause for some of the hate that this film is receiving. I can’t understand some people’s mentality!

Personally I thought the film was decent, it did what a comedy should do which was entertain as well as throwing in some laughs. Admittedly I thought the 2nd half of the movie was stronger than it’s first however that’s just a personal opinion.

If you liked “Bridesmaids” or “Identity Thief” then you’ll love The Heat.

Rating 5/10

By Fiaz Ali


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