Despicable Me 2

Back 2 Work

despicable_me_2_by_harmoniak-d4ismowEx-supervillan Gru (Steve Carell) is adjusting to family life, trying to making an honest living selling jelly and jam, however things are about to get turn upside down when the “Anti-Villain League” recruits Gru to help find a stolen artic lab but more importantly what was in the lab, a potion that will turn anything indestructible and into a killing machine.

Just Like “Monsters University” I was sceptical when I heard they were making another Despicable Me, the first one was so awesome! But I can safely say that this one is actually on par with the original. Lots of fun and more importantly lots of minions!

In this one we really see Gru grow as a character, we see him trying to be a dad to the 3 girls, trying to make them happy as well as protect them, we also see Gru overcome a child hood issue which ends up in him completing the family.

Again as with any animated film there’s lots of fun for both kids and adults. I really enjoyed Despicable Me 2 and I for one think the minions should get their own little spin off movie.

Back when this film was confirmed I heard rumours that Al Pacino was going to voice the villain and he did in fact join the cast, he had even recorded his lines, however dropped out of the film due to “creative differences”. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think he’s ever done an animated film, maybe we will see him do one in the near future.

A little bit of useless trivia here this first Illumination Entertainment sequel.

Now I can understand why, but this film is getting quite a bit of bad reviews complaining about the plot, I mean seriously? Guys this is a kids film! You’re not going to get a plot like “Inception”. Honestly I believe people expect far too much these days especially from kids films.

Rating 6/10

By Fiaz Ali


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