Monsters University

School Never Looked This Scary

imagesSo as we all know from “Monsters INC” Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) are an inseparable pair, but it wasn’t always like that. Monsters University is a prequel, which shows how Mike and Sully actually met and the fact that they actually hated each other.

When I heard they were making another “Monsters INC” I was sceptical, as a fan of the original I was praying they wouldn’t mess this up, when I saw the trailer I wasn’t really impressed as it didn’t look that funny and admittedly I did wait a long time to watch it, but I finally did and the film is actually really good. It isn’t as good as the original but it does come second in line.

The film has everything you normally get with an animated film. I did like seeing the back story of Mike and Sully and the chemistry that developed between them. Definitely lots of fun for both kids and adults.

All in all if you’re a fan of the original or you’re looking for a film to take the kids to, go and see Monsters University!

Rating 6/10

By Fiaz Ali


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