Only God Forgives

Time to Meet The Devil

Ryan-Gosling-in-Only-God-Forgives-2013-Movie-PosterSet in Bangkok’s criminal underworld a drug-smuggler, Julian (Ryan Gosling) finds his life getting harder and more complicated when his mother demand he find the killer of his brother.

Firstly I’d like to start by saying Only God Forgives is nothing like 2011’s Drive, and it’s most defiantly not a sequel to it. Here we have one of those rare movies where the audience is force to think for themselves. Most films pretend the audience is dumb so they spoon feed you everything; if you’re a fan of that then this film is not for you.

I’m not going to lie, when the credits rolled on this film the first thing I thought was “WHY?” and “My god that was trash” but it’s one of those films that stick with you, overnight I kept thinking about the movie and slowly my brain started to decode it so to speak.

To be honest this isn’t really a review, I don’t feel I could review Only God Forgives because everyone I’ve talked to about the film interprets it in a different way. But I can let you understand what your setting yourself up for when planning to go and see this film.

The plot is pretty basic, the cinematography is beautiful with lots of vibrant colours in each scene, the violence is good and brutal however not much in the film, and the acting is pretty decent. However if you like to go to a film and switch of your brain while watching it, this film isn’t for you. Like I said above its nothing like Drive (and don’t get me wrong I loved drive).

This is literally going to be a hate it or love it film, people who don’t understand it will hate it and think it was just a big messy pile of crap, and people who understood it and engaged their brain will think of it as a brilliant film. I myself will have to go back and watch it again because I didn’t expect it to be, well how it is.

Rating (so far) 5/10

By Fiaz Ali


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