The Hangover Part III

It all ends

the-hangover-3-poster3After the demise of Alan’s father the wolfpack are reunited again in the 3rd instalment of the Hangover franchise. This time they hit the road to help Alan overcome his mental issues but end up in one of them getting kidnapped. In order to save Doug they need to track down Mr. Chow and surrender him to Marshall a gangster who has been looking to get his hands on him.

In 2009 we had “The Hangover” which was brilliant, funny and gave me many ideas for nights out (Unfortunately I keep getting talked out of doing em). Then in 2011 we had “The Hangover Part II” everyone was sceptical about it, can they pull it off again? Yep! They did (surprisingly), and now in 2013 we have “The Hangover Part III” Really a 3rd? Will they work their magic again? No! No they did not!

I was very disappointed with Hangover Part 3 the film is almost humourless! The jokes that they do include are either not very funny or taken too far. Furthermore the films called “The Hangover Part III” but there is no booze and no drugs! What’s the point? A more fitting title would have been Mr. Chow because the film is all about him, it could of easily been a spin off. Admittedly Mr.Chow was the one who gave me a few laughs but other than that the film was utterly rubbish.

The funniest part of the film last 5 seconds! I would recommend renting or waiting for it to come on TV if you really want to see it.

Also stay or fast forward to the end of credits as there is a bonus scene.

Rating 1/10

By Fiaz Ali


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