Man Of Steel

People are afraid of what they don’t understand.

mos_poster2Here’s a film I believe I don’t have to write a synopsis for because everyone should know about superman and his origin which is what this film is about, however for those of you who have been living under a rock I shall give a brief one.

A young boy who has always been different from the other kids and also alienated learns that he is not of this planet (Earth) and has superpowers. As a young man Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) embarks on a journey to find out who he is and where he’s from.

As many of you know I’m a bit of a comic book geek, however here’s one superhero I was never keen on. I personally never liked Superman, thought it was idiotic how a pair of oversized glasses could conceal someone’s identity and thought it was stupid that people fell for it. So I never read any of the comics, although I do have some knowledge on superman it’s as much as I’ve got on other superheroes.

I loved the old “Superman” films with Christopher Reeve’s and I also loved watching the TV series “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” with Dean Cain. I won’t talk about the 2006 reboot “Superman Returns” because I along with a lot of people thought the film was dreadful (Except for Kevin Spacey as Lex Lutor).

As a lot of you know I’m a fan of the latest Batman/Dark Knight trilogy and I appreciate what Christopher Nolan did with it, trying to make it more realistic, a more serious harder and tougher batman. Was it exactly like the comic books, not really however a little bit of creative “re-tuning or Re-Imagination) is fine with me once it’s done in the right way.

When I heard they were going to do a reboot of man of steel I was excited, the recent success of superhero films gave me hope that this time they might succeed, then I found out  Christopher Nolan would be involved in some way and I thought YES! Instantly I was looking forward to it! When I went to see the Dark Knight Rises I saw the first teaser for Man of Steel and I was filled with excitement! Already expectations were high!

Right so back to the point;

I was very late seeing Man of Steel due to things always coming up, I’d heard nothing but good things about the film and then finally I went and saw it.

Did the film live up to my expectations? Not really. People have said the film is “epic”, “the best superhero film ever” etc, as a film I can see how it can be seen as “epic”,  I think “the best superhero film ever” is very exaggerated. So I’d say don’t listen to the hype people!

Personally I felt that the film was decent, I feel that it a move in the right direction for a superman franchise. I think Man of Steel was on the same level as “Batman Begins” which is a good start.

Some people are saying that Superman is “too serious” to be honest I don’t see that as being a problem, something I did find a bit annoying was the amount of action. As an origins film I felt they should of taken the time to introduce Clark Kent/Superman to the audience and build up his characterisation.

Henry Cavill is actually brilliant as Clark Kent/Superman in my opinion, and also for anyone who doesn’t know the guy worked his ass off to get into shape for superman! He refused to have any touch ups or to be digitally beefed up, he wanted to look and be Superman, and for that he has my respect.

Russell Crowe as Jor-El was brilliant as well, I thought he had some pretty big shoes to fill as Marlon Brando was Jor-El in the original, but Russell Crowe portrayal was brilliant. Both performances old and new have their own unique feel which is a good thing.

The CGI was brilliant everything looked beautiful. So no complain there what so ever. There are some more issues that I had with Man of Steel but I can’t talk about them without there being spoilers so what I’ve decided to do is to talk about them on another post in order to not spoil the film for those who haven’t seen it yet.

If you have seen the film and want to check out my issues with the film then click the link below.

Man of Steel is the best were going to get in regards to a decent Superman film, so lets just enjoy it for what it is.

Rating 7/10

By Fiaz Ali

WARNING; the link below contains spoilers! DO NOT click the link if you have not seen Man Of Steel yet.


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