Man Of Steel (Spoilers)

WARNING; the following post contains spoilers for Man of Steel if you have not seen the film yet DO NOT read any further!

Right so I’m guessing everyone reading this has seen the film right? No? What the hell you doing!!! Get off this page! Ok now that’s 3 times you’ve been warned I’m not responsible for you guys finding out what happens in the film!

So here’s what I didn’t like about Man of Steel;

I thought Clark’s journey that he embarks on to find out he’s Superman was a bit short. Thought they should have taken their time with it especially since it’s a key scene in his origins.

Like I said before I think the action was a bit too much, they should have focused more on story than action.

I feel that Lois Lane was miscast, didn’t really like how Amy Adams portrayed her; however this was a personal preference.

Now to the main issue with this film is the simple fact that Superman does not kill! Ok I’ve heard that superman killed general Zod in the comics mainly because Zod is bloodthirsty and wouldn’t have stopped until he was dead or everyone on earth was, ok I get that. But during Superman and general Zod’s extravagant fight scenes Superman throws Zod through numerous buildings; now think how many people were killed because of that, because the building collapsed due to that etc. Superman did all that without a care in the world; he just wanted to stop general Zod. Now like I said I haven’t read many Superman comics so can anyone shine some light on this?

Coming back to the killing of Zod (Again excuse me but like I said I haven’t read a lot of the comics) but couldn’t superman of directed his heat vision? Or even cover his eyes with his hand?

Well there’s my issue with the film, like I keep saying I’ve got very minimal knowledge on Superman but as far as I know he does not kill no matter what.

As a film it’s still a good film and like I said it’s the best were going to get in terms of a reboot.

By Fiaz Ali



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