WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Predictions


Since 2010, the Money in the Bank ladder match has had it’s own PPV named after it. The show always contains two separate multiple-man ladder matches. Both have a briefcase hanging above the ring and the objective of the match is to retrieve it. One briefcase has a contract which allows the owner to “cash it in” for a WWE Title match whenever they want. The other is the same but for the World Heavyweight Title.

The show is almost guaranteed to be great this year with an absolutely mental line up. Not only is each ladder match star studded but the separate title matches have good  back stories and will most definitely be entertaining. I cannot wait!

Match Card & Predictions

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WWE Champion John Cena vs Mark Henry (WWE Title Match)

Mark Henry deserves a WWE Title run after his amazing “retirement” speech. He literally had everyone fooled into thinking he was legitimately going to retire. That was until he gave Cena the Worlds Strongest Slam instead of a goodbye hug! After the match was officially announced, the build up became lackluster. I’m not expecting much from this match (wrestling wise) but I’m still interested in seeing the outcome. I think Henry will put up a good fight but will ultimately succumb to the power of “super” Cena.

Warren’s predicted winner: John Cena

Mark Henry just came off the promo of his career and is on fire, all of his actions leading up to MITB indicate that he should walk out the victor this Sunday at money in the bank as WWE champion. Cena has been his usual self which we have come to either love or hate. His snicker joke on Monday made me wish Henry slammed him sooner but we’ll wait till Sunday to see that happen. I personally want Cena to enter the hall of pain but as with most smart fans we can see the end to this match happening a mile away

Jahmar’s predicted winner: John Cena


Dolph Ziggler vs World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Title Match)

At the last WWE PPV (Payback) these two put on an amazing match. Not only that but WWE did the old “double turn” which hasn’t been done in such a long time. Del Rio is now a heel and Ziggler is a face. I believe this works better for both of them as Del Rio was always a natural heel and Ziggler was getting over with the fans way too much for him to remain a heel.

Ziggler’s last title run was forgettable (not as forgettable as his first one but still) and I think that WWE should give him another chance. Now that he’s a face, it might work out better this time round. I think Ziggler has this one. WWE seem to be building a storyline around Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E Langston so I’m sure they will get involved majorly in this match. Too bad Ricardo Rodriguez got suspended as it would have been interesting to see how he would get involved too.

Warren’s predicted winner: Dolph Ziggler

I really liked the match at payback because of the story it told playing off ziggler’s real life concussion. The chemistry between these two are great and could possibly steal the show on Sunday. Del Rio has no Ricardo to be in his corner and I see ziggler going solo on this outing so things should be even. I want to see this one continue into Summerslam with dolph chasing for the title. I see Del Rio barely escaping this one as champion.

Jahmar’s predicted winner: Alberto Del Rio


Kane vs Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam vs CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Christian vs Sheamus  (WWE Title Money in the Bank Ladder Match)

WWE have labelled this match Money in the Bank All Stars. It’s no surprise as that’s exactly what it is! 7 big names fighting for that briefcase. Daniel Bryan definitely has the most momentum going into the match as WWE seems to have attached the rocket to him again. That being said, I think they’ve made it too predictable that he’s gonna win so he probably won’t in the end.

RVD is making his much anticipated return to WWE and it will be interesting to see what direction WWE takes with him.

CM Punk has his own ongoing storyline going with Paul Heyman but I actually think a Punk win here could somehow expand on this story. Lesnar could end up costing  Punk the match when he eventually decides to cash in on the WWE Champ.

I can’t see any of the others guys winning this one, they are surely just in the match to add star power to it! That being said, WWE are known to surprise us with the MITB match so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Warren’s predicted winner: CM Punk

All stars indeed possibly the greatest line up for a MITB match ever. Where Do I begin? We have Sheamus and Randy Orton looking to prove they are still top main eventer’s after both having very mild runs as of late. Kane who has been very consistent and has only added to his legacy by being very entertaining in the past year with great matches to show for it, expect no different this Sunday.

Christian has the best record out of all the participants in ladder matches and is one of the kings of this speciality; captain charisma will definitely bring his A game on Sunday. CM Punk on paper should have this in the bag being the only two-time MITB winner and if he continues to perform at the high level we expect him to perform there is no reason for Punk not to be a three-time MITB winner…that is unless a certain monster interferes to stop Punk once again.

 My pick for this one is the American dragon himself Daniel Bryan, against all odds Bryan has turned every obstacle he’s come against in his favour. No longer a weak link (he never was!) Bryan will undoubtedly prove he can up the ante and walk out as the second two-time MITB winner. Let’s no forget a returning Rob van dam. Those clips that aired on Monday night showcased the best of RVD in matches involving ladders but those were a decade ago, can RVD still be MR PPV? We’ll have to wait and see. Expect utter chaos in this match.

Jahmar’s predicted winner: Daniel Bryan


Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes vs Damian Sandow vs Dean Ambrose vs Fandango vs Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro (World Title Money in the Bank Ladder Match)

In a way, this match is the complete opposite of the All Stars MITB match. All the guys here (minus Jack Swagger) haven’t been world champion or won a previous MITB match. They are definitely the future main eventers of WWE and it’s good to see them recognising that.

Cody Rhodes has been in the company for the longest time and does deserve it but I don’t see him winning it at this point in time. Cesaro recently aligned himself with Zeb Coulter so maybe WWE have decided his time is now.

Dean Ambrose has been made to look like an absolute badass (along with the Shield) since his debut last year but I think they should gradually build him up to the main event scene.

I see Wade Barrett claiming the briefcase in this one. Why? Because I honestly think it’s now or never with him. WWE have tried to push him multiple times but it never worked out. This might be a way to get him over and relevant once again (like the Nexus days).

Warren’s predicted winner: Wade Barrett

What a way to get the mid card to shine. This is a golden opportunity to out do themselves in this match. To be honest the most established out of all the participants is Wade Barrett and I don’t see any of the other superstars being ready for a title run (sorry Cody) so expect each young buck trying to out do themselves with a crazy spot or two from Ambrose.

Jahmar’s predicted winner: Wade Barrett


The Miz vs Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel (Intercontinental Title Match)

This should be a half decent match. Not much of a storyline build up here apart from Miz and his terrible Star Wars jokes aimed at Heyman and Axel. At least the IC Title is getting some attention nowadays! I see Axel holding onto the belt for at least another few months.

Warren’s predicted winner: Curtis Axel

Follow me on this one: Miz won the belt from Barrett, Barrett wins it back, axel wins the belt by beating both of them in a match less than a month under his new alias, Miz feuds with axel with Miz getting the upper hand as of late, axel is being pushed as the rising star of the company as a “Heyman guy”. Logic wins here.

Jahmar’s predicted winner: Curtis Axel


Chris Jericho vs Ryback

This match was just randomly booked because I guess they had nothing else for Jericho and Ryback to do. WWE seem to have lost all hope for Ryback after his recent WWE Title matches with Cena. His recent match with The Miz demonstrated that as he forfeited the match after hurting his leg (not in real life). I don’t even think I’ve ever seen someone forfeit like that let alone a “monster” character like Ryback. I originally thought Ryback would get his first big PPV win but I think WWE have complete given up with him.

Warren’s predicted winner: Chris Jericho

Like Ryback’s career nothing much to say. I see Jericho doing his best to pull a great match out of another superstar who not consistent at all. I see Ryback reinstating his dominance on the roster at Y2J’s expense sadly. Expect this to be Jericho’s exit from the ring for the time being this Sunday.

Jahmar’s predicted winner: Ryback


Divas Champion AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn (Divas Title Match)

It’s weird but these two have the most history which makes this the most built up match on the card! It dates back to Season 4 of NXT where Kaitlyn was the winner (not like that actually meant anything to WWE). If you asked me if they would be main Divas in 2013 and actually having good matches, I would have laughed in your face. AJ has always had some wrestling talent but only recently has Kaitlyn proved she has the same. I see AJ’s title reign carrying on and her moving on from Kaitlyn after.

Warren’s predicted winner: AJ Lee

They had the best divas match of the past year at payback and almost stole the show. Their feud has been rather interesting with both divas trading insults back and forth every week on raw and Smackdown, scary thought…the divas are actually getting attention :-/

Jahmar’s predicted winner: AJ Lee


The Usos vs Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (The Shield) (Tag Team Title Match)

This should not be on the pre-show or whatever they are calling it these days. It will definitely be good enough to be on the main card. The Usos have been around for few years and deserve a Tag Team Title run. However, I don’t see them winning this one. The Shield need to be kept looking strong (unless WWE has given up on them) so they should retain here.

Warren’s predicted winner: The Shield 

With all due respect your trying to tell me that after every dream team possible of the current roster that the Usos are the team to dethrone the shield? He I’ve seen stranger things happen in the world of professional wrestling. I’m glad to see the Usos get some shine especially with a win already against the shield in six man tag team action. Still no team is better right now then Rollins and reigns, BELIEVE!!!

Side note: Why is this on the preshow???

Jahmar’s predicted winner: The Shield


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