The Father’s Day Playlist


I’ll be honest trying to find songs that put fathers in a positive light are quite hard to find and I try like always to have a good mix for every playlist but this one in particular was a task. Did I find most of these songs on my IPod? Yes I did but I had these songs already because hey who doesn’t need a positive male influence in their life and I like to have songs that back this up. Me and my pops have a unique relationship when it comes to music and have quite a lot in common. When we find music we enjoy we both like to explore more of the artist or genre and the similar recordings to add to our collection (Not to mention battling over the sound system with our IPods 🙂). Anyway here are some songs we could all appreciate and dedicate to our fathers. Take it easy and enjoy…Peace!

Luther Vandross-Dance With My Father

Throughout his career Luther had many a song that touched us and pulled at our heart strings on romantic occasions. But Luther couldn’t leave us without dropping his most personal song which is the biography on his relationship with his father. Here Luther displays his wish of only wanting to see his father one last time and relive the time him, his mother and father used to dance together. Luther’s voice soothes his heartbreaking message as it is one most people can relate to who have lost their father. It seemed like he’s been trying to get this song out his whole career. However when finally recorded Luther once more accomplished what he always does with his records which are to make the listener feel his every emotion. Luther makes the most cherished memories sound like an audio family photo album, which would put a smile on the teariest eye. If Luther saved the best for last we can agree he left on a high note.


Trust Sade to turn a term which is affiliated with a bad stigma and make it seems rather beautiful. What Sade does here is play the role of a mother reminding her child that their fathers love is always there and is watching over them as rendered by the accompanied male vocals in the chorus (your daddy knows your a flame…. Yeah daddy love you child). Not only that but let’s us know that the fathers role is not a short term deal (A fathers love comes with a lifetime guarantee). You rarely find songs celebrating fatherhood and there should be more of them but like Sade as we know is always twelve steps ahead of the rest, nicely done Sade.


From humble beginnings to music royalty Beyoncé  has gone from great to greatness, before Mr Carter there was Mr knowles the man who was behind her every step of the way not just as her manager but as her father. A time before Queen B or Sasha Fierce she was daddy’s little girl which brings me to the song titled daddy which is a hidden gem off Beyoncé solo debut dangerously in love. From bikes rides, to first dates and first tattoos, they are all documented in this ballad full of hallmark moments she shared with her father.

Chrisette Michele-Your Joy

For all the fathers out there that never wanted their little girl to grow up this song is for you. Chrisette vocals are a joyful recollection of such times. It’s evident that children grow and go on their own path to start their own families but the relationship between a father and their child will always be there. Well said Chrisette (You’ll always be my father/ and I’ll always be your joy).

Will Smith-Just the Two of Us

A Hip-Hop artist remaking Bill Withers classic in a time when such subjects seemed too soft and sensitive to rap about, but trust Will Smith to take on the task at a time when he was passed as being too corny to rap in the post ‘Jiggy Era’ of rap. This is far from the truth as being the excellent artist Will is he was able to go against the grain and rhyme about what was near and dear to him which was his children. From their birth upwards Will gives life lessons on how to be a man and always remember that although life is hard he will always be there every step they take (So if the world attacks, and you slide off track Remember one fact, I got your back). Will started a trend that most MC’s would follow eventually.

The Game Featuring Busta Rhymes-Like Father Like Son

Just the chorus alone makes this song. As spoken by Busta Rhymes the lyrics are thoughtful and one that most great fathers would say to uplift their Childs spirit:

I hope you grow up to become that everything you can be/ That’s all I wanted for you young’n / like Father, like Son /But in the end I hope you only turn out better than me/ I hope you know I love you young’n/ like Father, like Son My little man/ your day is coming, coming, your day is coming.

James Brown-Papas Got a Brand New Bag

How about some funk for your playlist? If you have one of those fathers who like to embarrass you at the family wedding (You know who you are!!) 9/10 it was probably to this song. Give the old man a chance and he’ll be sliding like James in those new socks you got him for fathers day, play this one for a laugh and slide along with him.

Eric Clapton-My Fathers Eyes

Time to ease out of this playlist with none other than one of the great guitar gods Eric Clapton. Now the background to this song is somewhat tragic as it was written following the untimely death of Clapton’s son. The lyrics illustrate the vision of his son and of his father who Clapton never knew. Although this is a rather heart-rending song I can’t help but appreciate all of its compelling elements, from the faraway dream like lyrics that are sung, to the roaring uplifted choir which then segways to the signature bittersweet riffs that echo out of Clapton’s Guitar. All in all I believe this song that can bring fathers closer to their children something that Clapton articulated quite accurate here.

What songs do you play on Fathers day? be sure to leave a comment and I might just add them to my own personal playlist. To all the fathers out there have a great fathers day. Peace…

By Jahmar


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