Do the shuffle Volume II


After quite a long break I am back with another addition of Do the Shuffle. I thought the last one went down well so I thought it be cool to take another trip through my updated IPod. While I’m working on another article that will be posted up soon here is a little something to tie you over. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga- Eh Eh (Nothing else I could say)

I can remember hearing this song on the radio and thinking ‘who sings this?’ the song was so catchy and was stuck into my head for a bit, then after the whole Gaga fiasco settle for a bit I finally got round to listening to the album and low and behold guess what song turns up as track six! Lady Gaga is hit and miss for me as the songs I like I have on rotation for a while, the ones I don’t aren’t necessarily bad but not just my cup of tea. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) is one of the songs I do like with its bouncing pop melody with a tinge of reggae influence, ideal for a pop fan to nod along to on a summer’s day at the park.

The Beatles-Let It Be

This one brings back memories of singing this in primary school assembly with a certain black hole member. What can be said about Let It Be that hasn’t been said? I believe this is the second most covered Beatles song after Yesterday. I’ am a huge Beatles fan and this song ranks high up in my favourites by the band. The song writing combination of Lennon-McCartney was undeniable (though this song was written by McCartney himself). The song spoke volumes to the listener as this was maybe the final message the fab four gave to their fans before breaking up, or maybe it was for the listener to interpret to deal with their own struggles? Who knows McCartney was that good that he could pen a song that touched millions.

Zapp and Roger-Spend my whole Life with You

Here’s another oldie to slow dance to by none other then the legendary funk group Zapp & Roger. Waaaaaay before T-Pain and waaaaay before Teddy Riley Roger Troutmen had voice modification on lock, not auto-tune but a vocoder that made singers (who could already sing) voice sound like another instrument for a track. While it is not as prominent here as it is in his other songs, Rogers’s presence can be heard throughout. This sweet little song has that old sparkle to it when it seemed falling in love was so much simpler back then.

Jerzee Monet- Most High (Remix)

Do ever have those moments when you hear a song and say ‘I remember this song!’ I know I did when this song came up and every time before that. This song was so massive in the summer of 2002; I remember waking up during summer holiday and switching through MTV Base, The Box or Kiss and always seeing the music video. I remember waiting for her follow up single thinking she is going be the next big voice in R&B but like that she disappeared. It’s such a shame because this song holds up to this day 11 YEARS later. A song that resonates with us all sung by such a beautiful voice.

**Side note** Also if DMX was to keeping rapping like this all would be right with the world. We miss you X.

Big K.R.I.T. – I Got This

Straight from the underground the southern lyrical beast known as Big K.R.I.T. (King remembered in Time) has had a string of classic mix tapes that made those outside of the south (especially Def Jam) take notice. Those critically acclaimed mix tapes paved the way for K.R.I.T. to unleash his debut LP Live from the Underground and the lead single I Got This in which K.R.I.T. doesn’t  miss a beat unleashing a supercharged anthem that oozes that southernplayerlistic (no Typo) type of flair. Bumping this reminds me of those UGK trunk rattling anthems that knocked hard. The south is in good hands with this talented MC, K.R.I.T. definitely got this.

Delakota-The Rock

I came across Delakota when Coldplay front man Chris Martin said he drew inspiration from this song for Coldplay’s own song Strawberry Swing. The African folk influence is evident here as the lead of the elusive band explains an excursion away from the norms of life with us the listener going along with him. Listening can make the least imaginative drift away into an exodus from the normalities of life into a stream of thinking freely and outside the box. Take this song as the soundtrack for those summer evening/nights of cruising just for the sake of it.



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