Olympus Has Fallen

“Lets play a game of “Go Fu*k Yourself”, you go first.”

olympus-has-fallen-posterGerard Butler explodes onto the screen as a former Special Forces officer Mike Banning, who was recently removed as a Secret Service Agent due to failing to save the first lady. But when Korean terrorists led by Kang (Rick Yune) take over the white house and holds the president (Aaron Eckhart) hostage, it seems Mike is the only person capable of saving the president and confronting the terrorist.

Gerard Butler is joined by Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd to bring you this action thriller by the director of “Training Day”.

Do you remember “Die Hard 5” and how I didn’t really like it? Well Olympus Has Fallen is what “Die Hard 5” should have been. Good narrative, Good visual effects and Good bad guy (Something “Die Hard 5” lacked).

Something I really liked about this film is the bad guy, Kang (Rick Yune), he is a villain that we rarely get these days in action films, if he says he’s going to do something HE WILL DO IT! This is something I hate about some action films, the bad guy either talks too much or delays killing people etc. Kang does not share the same mentality; he kills and kills knowing that his demands will be met.

Gerard Butler did a great job as Mike Banning but as I watched the film I couldn’t help but see similarities between Banning and McClane. Honestly with a few changes this could have been a “Die Hard” film. Ok enough with that I know it’s not a “Die Hard” film and it’s just another action film, but to be honest this is probability my best action film of the year (So far).

Rating 7/10

By Fiaz Ali


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