Broken City

“You know, women call men dogs. That’s to suggest we’re somehow untrustworthy or disloyal. But a dog is anything but. And if men are dogs, what the goddamn hell does that make women? You’ve ever seen a bitch in heat? She will grind herself across the grass to try and get her that itch. And she can find a way to sneak out of the backyard, as any dog will do.”

MV5BMTY4OTIwODg4Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjg0MDY1OA@@._V1._SY317_Ever heard of The Hughes Brothers? No? Well they directed films such as; “Menace II Society” (which I’m sure many of you are familiar with), “Dead Presidents” (with Chris Tucker) and “The Book of Eli” (with Denzel Washington). Well Allen Hughes took a break away from directing films with his twin brother Albert and ventured on his first solo directing effort which is Broken City.

Broken City is a political crime drama which revolves around a cop Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) who turns private detective after being in a controversial shooting incident and is kept out of jail by Mayor Hostetler (Russell Crowe). But there’s more to the Mayor than meets the eye. After being paid to investigate if the Mayors wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is having an affair Taggart ends up seeking revenge after he is double crossed.

I was looking forward to this film since the first day I saw the trailer Crowe, Zeta-Jones and Wahlberg this is going to be good, and indeed it was. Don’t get me wrong this film is no “American Gangster” or “The Fighter” but it is a good film. The Narrative is pretty good, the dialog is decent and the performances were brilliant.

Keep in mind that this is a political crime drama so there no big explosions or elaborate gun fights, which by reading some of the reviews some people expected. I definitely recommend checking Broken City out.

Rating 6/10

By Fiaz Ali


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