Bulking Diet

Here’s a look at what my diet was like during my bulking phase. UntitledMorning

  • Drink my multi vitamin tablet before anything else
  • A bowl of cereal, which varied from Fruit and Fibre to Special K. Nothing too sweet or loaded with sugar.
  • Coffee, black, no sugar.

Before Gym

  • Black Coffee, no sugar.
  • Pre work out shake which contains 2 x scoops of protein powder (50g), 1 and a half scoops of Creatine (5g) and 250ml of water. Shake and drink.

After Gym

  • Post workout shake which is the same as the pre work out shake. 2 x scoops of protein powder (50g), 1 and a half scoops of Creatine (5g) and 250ml of water. Shake and drink.

Lunch Lunch would vary day by day. But here’s what I ate.

  • Tuna sandwich (4 x brown bread, tuna straight out the tin, lemon juice olives and onions chopped up and mixed in).
  • Tuna and hummus.
  • Fried egg x 4 with 4 x toasted brown bread.
  • Roast chicken sandwich (roast chicken breast cut into strips, 4 x brown bread toasted).
  • Salad (roasted chicken breast, hummus, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, olives, tomato, red cabbage, onions, hot sauce and 3 x broken up krackerwheat biscuits mixed together).
  • Sardine sandwich (Sardine straight from the tin, 4 x brown bread).
  • Green tea to drink every day.


  • Fruit 

Dinner Again dinner varied day by day because I was still eating my home cooked foods. But here’s what I ate.

  • Chicken curry and brown rice
  • Chow mien
  • Fry rice (white rice)
  • Stew chicken with brown rice
  • Roti and curry (white flour)
  • Roti and potato (white flour)
  • Dhal and brown rice with liver
  • Biryani (brown rice)
  • Roast dinner (roast chicken with roast potatoes or mash)

Junk food Here Ill include the junk food which I ate on some days. Mostly for dinner.

  • Fish and chips
  • Chicken and chips
  • Kebab

So as you can see, I changed some things such as having brown bread and brown rice with the occasional white rice in meals such as the fry rice. My eating was pretty balanced and yes, I was still eating junk food as you can see. But that varied and I didn’t feel the need to eat junk food every single week. There were some weeks where I didn’t eat any junk, however there were some weeks where I ate junk 3 times but I still tried to balance it out. That’s the food.

Regarding drinks, I cut out most soft drinks and wasn’t drinking them on a day to day basis however whenever I ate junk, I did have a glass or 2 of some sort of soft drink. I replaced the it with water instead. A lot of water! I was drinking about 3 litres a day and even more now!

You’re probably looking at the break down of what I ate and wondering “where are all the sweets?” Well honestly, I’m not a big fan of chocolate or sweets. Not to the point where I eat it regularly or crave it anyway. I would occasionally eat sweets and yes, during my bulking phase I did have sweets on a few occasions.

So that’s honestly what I was eating on my “bulking phase”. Combine this diet with a progressive resistance and cardio workout and you can get results like I did. After 4 months training and eating like this I was half my size! Give it a try.

By Fiaz Ali


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