Bulking Phase Done

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men” – John F. Kennedy

plRight so here we are I’ve finished my “Bulking Phase” about 2 weeks ago (that’s me on the left) and I just wanted to share a few things with you that I learnt. Firstly, as I said previously, I’m not a fitness guru so I’m learning as I go.

Now what I learnt was the fact that you can change the way you look and your body composition by simply:

  • Watching what you eat
  • Lifting heavy ass weight
  • Doing 20 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week
  • Good supplementation

Your diet does not have to be CLEAN. As I said in my previous post, I was still eating junk food during this phase. That being said, do not expect to eat junk all day every day and expect to change your body composition. The way I did it was by keeping my diet balanced. Another thing was I changed all my carbs to brown so brown bread and brown rice.

My “Bulking Diet” can be found here.

Lift heavy ass weight! I can’t stress this enough. Your workouts NEED to be progressive and you NEED to keep challenging your body otherwise it’s going to get used to your workouts. No matter what I did before, this was where I failed.

Cardio wise again like I said in the previous post, I didn’t do that much. I just went on the bike or the cross trainer and went as fast as I could for 10 minutes before my resistance training and then another 10 minutes after. Again, this was progressive. Week by week I was constantly trying to get faster and go harder.

I was taking supplements but none of those that promise you 6 pack abs in 4 weeks or anything like that.

I’ll be covering supplements on another post.

All of the above being said, another thing I learnt during this phase (well actually coming to the end of this phase) was the fact that I didn’t need to do a “Bulking Phase”. If I went ahead and applied a clean diet along with a progressive resistance and cardio work out, I would of gotten better results.

But something good came out of all this and that was the fact that I get the opportunity to show you that you don’t need to:

  • Have a clean diet or go on any of these fad diets
  • Starve yourself!
  • Do hours upon hours of cardio

in order to look better and change your body composition. Look at me as proof. So don’t be one of those people who moan that they can’t lose weight because the diet is too hard, or they can’t stick to it. Stop moaning and get yo ass in the gym!

The bulking phase is great for anyone who just wants to look better. You will not get ripped, defined or toned on a program like this but you will look and feel better.

By Fiaz Ali


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