Identity Thief

“She’s having the time of his life”

Identity_Thief_PosterHere we have a film that has been getting a lot of hatred from a lot of people. Despite that Identity Thief does what it’s meant to do as a comedy and entertains you.

Diana (Melissa McCarthy) is living it up in the outskirts of Miami, buying anything she desires, money isn’t a problem, well it kind of is because she’s an identity thief. Things start to get complicated when Diana steals the identity of an accounts rep Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman). When Sandy finds out he plans with the local police department to go and find her and bring her back for a full confession in hope to get his life back on track. However it’s not as simple as Sandy thinks.

The film is both funny and entertaining, I was expecting a film filed with slapstick humour but was surprised to see that there was actually a proper plot and the slapstick humour was kept to a minimum.

Wasn’t really a big fan of Jason Bateman but he’s starting to grow on me so to speak. First saw him in “Smoking Aces” and while he made me laugh a bit he didn’t really leave a lasting impression on me. He was decent in “Hancock” but where I really started to like him was in “Horrible Bosses” and “The Change-Up”.

I haven’t seen much of Melissa McCarthy other than in “Bridesmaids” but I personally like her. Something that I absolutely hate is the fact that this movie is getting a lot of hatred because she’s in it, not just because she’s in it but it’s the fact that she’s overweight! I can’t believe how silly some people can be. Why the hell should the fact that Melissa McCarthy is overweight be such a big problem?  Should that be a good reason for this film to get bad reviews or hate? Grow up people. Ok so that’s my little rant over.

Something that came as a surprise to me was the fact that Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. AKA T.I was in the film, didn’t see him in the trailer. He’s not in the film a whole lot but about 90% of the scenes that he’s in are both laugh out loud funny and memorable. Genesis Rodriguez also joins T.I in the film, she’s a pleasure to look at, honestly a very sexy woman. She hasn’t been in much but you might remember her from “Man On A Ledge”.

Honestly the film is decent, is it the best comedy ever? No. but it is entertaining and it is funny.

Identity Thief is in cinemas March 22nd.

Rating 5/10

By Fiaz Ali


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