The Mother’s day playlist


Who loves their mother? I know I do and one of the things I love about my mother is her taste in music, she’s has introduced me to much of the music I still listen to today. Whether playing her music in the car or throughout the house (especially on a Sunday) I can always appreciate great music anytime of the day. Much like how I share a bond with my mother over music a lot of the artist below share a special bond with their mother. So for this playlist here are some songs you can play this mothers day to celebrate the first woman in your life. Happy Mothers day 🙂

2Pac-Dear Mama

There were many sides to 2Pac, the rebellious MC who’s Black Panther like mentality portrayed an image that alarmed the powers that be and other MC’s in his crosshairs, there was also the conscience side of Pac who rhymed his most personal inner thoughts that inspired and uplifted a generation. Here we find 2Pac at his calmest amongst the turmoil he was going through at the time. Rhyming about his love and appreciation of the troubles and hardships his mother went through from giving birth to him in prison to raising him as a single mother. 2Pac’s ode to Afeni is where he is most human.

Kanye West-Hey Mama

Here’s another Hip-Hop song dedicated to Kanye’s first lady and the one that inspired him the most. Kanye never hid the fact that he loved his mother and that she was the driving force behind his early success in Hip-Hop. From the moment he dropped out of college to his first record deal Donda made sure Kanye pursued his dreams and was successful doing so. As a result this orchestrated number is perfect for any mother who believed in their child for following their dreams.

Sizzla-Thank you Mama

Here’s a favourite from the annual Sunday playlist in the Homer household. Sizzla Kalonji performance on this instant classic is one of reflection, calmness and peace which are displayed in his voice. The chorus alone is honest appreciation one has for their mother (Thank you Mother for the nine months you carried me). When listening to this I can’t help but think all the things my mother has done for me and still does. Salute for this one Sizzla.

The Intruders-I’ll Always Love My Mama

Here is an oldie but goody that always has me singing along. The Philly quartet known as The Intruders soulfully sing about the values and qualities of a mother that should never be taken for granted and should always be cherished. Learn from this song when you think otherwise (You only get one/you only get one!). Play this at the family reunion and see your older relatives two step to this one.

Boyz II Men-A Song for Mama

Who could forget the emotional piano intro to this heartfelt classic? Off of the soundtrack to the cult classic film Soul food this Babyface penned gem is one that always pulls at your heartstrings. I mostly hear this song when it is a dedication to mothers that have passed away but I feel this should be played at anytime. Like most Boyz II Men songs that are full of emotion (Your love is like tears from the stars) this one hits home.

The Isley Brothers-At Your Best (You Are Love)

While the Isleys are known for their sensual love ballads this one is dedicated to their mother. This sweet message is one of reassurance that a mother is a positive influence and a role model throughout a person’s life. This is a constant reminder on how special a mother is. What best describes a mother than the word love itself. A delicate original to the version Aaliyah sang eighteen years later.

R. Kelly-Sadie

Kelly’s first solo LP was full of those X-rated jams however there was one song on the album that was neither crude or rude but rather thoughtful and full of soul. Kelly’s cover of The Spinners 1974 original sings about the times when his mother was alive and how her character as a mother and a woman resonated with him. Truly a lovely song about a wonderful person, so wonderful 2Pac sampled the song for his own Classic two years later.

Musiq Soulchild-Motherfather

This an odd title but that’s what Musiq does with most of his song and album titles, but this ones suits the track because sometimes a parent is left to raise a child on their own and play the hard role of both mother and father. This song is a great song for the mothers that take on a dual role and Musiq lets you know that it hasn’t gone unappreciated.


Nas is one those talented MC’s that makes you paint your own pictures along with his narratives. The Queens Bridge native gets deep on probably his most personal song ever written talking about his mother and spending her last days with her before she passed on. He reminisces on the times he spent with her and wishes to see her again for only one more dance. The song concludes with a solo from Nas’s father Olu Dara which is a tearjerker given the topic of the song.

Mos Def-Umi Says

Now for an upbeat song from none other than Mos Def or Yasiin Bey as he goes by now. Mos sings (not Raps) about the message his Umi (which means mother in Arabic) gave him when he was younger to (Shine his light on the world) and to be the best he can be. This unique alternative track is worldly inspiring with a universal meaning to the influence the most uninspired. Mother knows best.

Babyface-The Day (That you gave me a Son)

To finish off this play list is a magic number from the one and only Babyface. No stranger to writing amazing songs babyface pens the joy of his wife bringing their child into the world over the melody that resembles The Pogues and Kristy Macolls Christmas classic ‘A Fairytale in New York’. Babyface captures those precious first moments when a new life comes into existence. A beautiful dedication from a father to a mother that sounds of pure bliss.

Whats songs do you play on mothers day? leave a comment below until then Peace to all the mothers out there.

By Jahmar


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