A ‘B.I.G.’ Tribute: Remembering The Notorious B.I.G.


The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9thCanibus- Second Round KO

I can’t put it more clearly than that in my own humble opinion, for those that are close to me know that my favourite MC of all time is the Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls. I mean what can be said about the B.I.G. man that hasn’t already been said… I mean within the space of three years he made a classic album (Ready to Die), a double album masterpiece (Life after death), stole the show with his guest verses on every song he appeared on (Flava in Ya Ear remix), one of the few MC’s who shifted the focus in Hip-hop back to the east coast scene, became the undisputed King of New York, cemented his place amongst the greats being placed in any persons top five of all time without a doubt, not to mention making it cool to wear Versace shades and Coogi sweaters… these are only a few of the accolades that are apart of biggies legacy.

I remember when I first heard Ready to Die. I played that album so much the CD had grooves from the inner rim all the way to the edge of the disc. I used to play it before, during and after school non-stop. In fact the first rap verse I memorised was Juicy which is still my favourite hip-hop song ever. I had to wait years before I could get my own copies of biggies albums which at this point are both non-playable due to excessive use in fact my Life after death Disc CD’s are so worn out that when you hold it to the light you can see through spots on the disc. Played much?


It’s unfortunate that after three years of breaking into the Hip-Hop mainstream he was taken away from us at such a young age (he was 24 years old) and to think that other MC’s that came out around the same time as him have gone on to have legendary careers in Hip-hop (Outkast, Nas, Common, Method Man, Warren G, The Fugees) I can’t help but think what Hip-Hop would be like if he was still around.

After sixteen years his impact is still felt throughout Hip-Hop whether it be his lyrics (When the Remy in the system/Ain’t no telling when I fuck em, will I diss em?) sound familiar? His voice (Guerrilla Black anyone), his ad-libs (Uh and another one) or his style to be “A heartthrob never/Black and ugly as ever” and still have countless MC’s trying to emulate his “style and grace” he has never been duplicated.

So this is my tribute to B.I.G. and no doubt I’ll be talking about him in future post where Hip-Hop Legends are concerned. Here are some of my favourite B.I.G. songs that I keep in constant rotation. As B.I.G. would say “know the Steelo, unbelievable”. R.I.P.  Notorious B.I.G.


Party and Bullshit


One More Chance (Original Version)

Ten Crack Commandments

Notorious Thugs


Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)

What are your thoughts on B.I.G. legacy? What’s your favourite song or verse from him? Leave a comment below

By Jahmar


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