Do the Shuffle‏: Volume I


This is something I thought would be interesting to try, while coming up with ways to make the music corner more intresting. This is one of the ideas I pitched at the end of the first article (Straight Outta Blackhole). Put my iPod on shuffle and briefly talk about the songs that come up. Now as of this post I have 19711 songs on my iPod which is a lot of music to shuffle through, so I’m gonna start straight from the beginning at my default song which is Aaliyah ‘Rock the Boat’ and work my way through 5 or more songs, so we see how things go. I have taken into consideration skits and unknown tracks so they will be skipped, everything else is fair play. So sit back relax and check what songs I have on this 120GB badboy…..

Aaliyah-Rock the Boat

This is the first track on my IPod and a great song to start off with. This sultry number is off of Aaliyah’s third self titled album which was unfortunately her last. The song speaks for itself as a suggesting metaphor to making love, I said in the last post that Aaliyah’s voice comes off as innocent but believe me she pulls no punches on this track as she gets her grown woman on here giving instructions on the way to put it down, who didn’t wanna ‘rock the boat’ after listening to the soothing sounds of this track, timeless quiet storm post 90’s R&B.

Estelle-Wait A Minute (Just a Touch)

I swear that Jay Hawkins ‘Put a Spell on You’ will never get old as a sample to me (see Notorious B.I.G. Kick in the door) did his thing on production here giving Estelle the platform to sing/rap over. A great song to start off her second album titled Shine. Those horns really kick and Wills ad-libs really add to the song.

Turbulence: God A My Way (Jamaican Savage Riddim)

Yes Jah! riding the Jamaican Savage riddim is Turbulence raging war against Babylon in this charging tune to get the most non-believer believing in the most high. This reminds me of early dancehall music, raw and uncut with a message for the masses. Rave the flag and chant to this one.

Ne-Yo-Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) [Featuring Beni]

I must say this song grew on me the more I heard it, maybe cause I heard it EVERYWHERE but still this is a catchy song which to be honest is straight EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I have the deluxe edition of his R.E.D. album which has a version with female vocals on it by Beni. Have to admit she adds to what is already good song so props to her. I wonder when Ne-Yo is going to release another R&B album…in the meantime let me go grab my glow sticks.

**Could not find a video for the version with Beni in so heres the original**

Downwill-Laura’s Song (Featuring Tanya Morgan)

I’m glad this song came up as I recently came across this song as a recommendation from another website (Props to this song has that traditional Hip-Hop feel to it that I can nod my head to. Boom bap drums…CHECK…dope sample…CHECK…dope rhymes…CHECK. Hip-Hop storytelling about a girl you like to get with, but it’s never that simple as Downwill explains in this song that it’s not without its problems.

Lovestation-Teardrops [Lovestaion Classic 7”]

Am I showing my age with this one? This song has me doing my best garage dance from 98. Lovestation remixed this Womack & Womack classic to pure perfection which is why I love old school garage giving new life to the vocals of classic R&B artist. Find this one on any of your pure garage CD’s and bop along.

Thats all for now everyone but be sure to check back here for more ‘Do the Shuffle’ and many other post on the music corner, until then Peace.

By Jahmar


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