Who The Hell Am I?

So I guess you’re wondering who am I?

poWell my names Fiaz Ali, I’m 23years old, 20 stone and 2 years ago I started this journey that I’m on to change the way I look.

I was always a bit chubby but when I spent 2 months in America and another 3 in Guyana I gained a mad amount of weight. To be honest most of the weight that I gained was from alcohol, I was having a few drinks almost every day, I wasn’t bingeing, but a few every day for 2 months and then again for 3 months, well it builds up. Also of course the junk food that I ate contributed.

I came back to London after 2 brilliant holidays and I was fat! I had gone from 17 stone to 18 and a half stone, I was determined to change the way I looked. I’ve tried various diets such as low/no carbs diet, veg diet, liquid diet etc (I’ll be covering these soon) and also combining those diets with different types of training such as; just plain cardio, cardio and light weights, interval training etc (again ill be covering these at a later point) with little or no luck.

Looking in the mirror constantly trying to see a difference and weighing myself with little or no change started to make me depressed which along with some other problems in my life lead to me gaining more weight, I was now 20 stone. I didn’t like the way I looked, I was trying to change but it wasn’t working! Why? Well I finally found something that works! And no it wasn’t a magic pill. Find out what i did—————->


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