My Diet At A Glance

Here’s a brief look into what my diet is like during the bulking phase.

66014_10200180886230663_1206381581_nDuring this phase I wasn’t too concerned about diet, all I did was keep an eye on what I was eating.

What I did was I cut out most, I’d say 90% of soft drinks. Replaced them with water, a lot of water. In a day I would drink about 3 liters of water easily. However there were the odd days during the week where I would have some soft drinks.

Food wise, my home cooked foods stayed the same really, I still had my curry and rice for dinner, I was still having sandwiches, but everything was brown, brown bread, brown rice, occasionally I might have some white rice but that was very seldom.

When I was training before I use to have a cheat day where I would have chicken and chips or maybe fish and chips. My cheat days were usually on a Friday or Saturday as I use to drink alcohol on either one of these days. That being said with the new routine I’m cutting down on the drinking, since the start of the year I’ve drank on 3 occasions which is a big improvement from drinking every weekend. On the occasions where I decided to drink I stick to only sprits no beer.

Now let’s get onto junk food, there has been a few weeks where I didn’t eat any junk at all, then there some weeks where I’ve had junk 2 or even 3 times. like I said I’m just keeping an eye on what I eat.

As well as keeping everything moderate I was drinking protein shakes, but I’ll cover supplements later.

I will be going into more detail on my bulking diet in another post. Right lets start talking about training! Cue the rocky music———>


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