Bulking Phase

So I cleaned up my diet… a bit. But the most important thing for me during my bulking phase was to LIFT HEAVY ASS WEIGHT!

64834_10200797180837643_1676242788_nI was working on a routine called Max OT which Ill go into more detail in another post.

I pushed myself each session to push more weight than I did previously, even if I went up by 1.25kg it was something. I also keep a little log of what weight I pushed for each week, so I could make sure I was pushing more than last week, this week. That being said I was never stupid about it; I took my safety into consideration when doing any exercise. Things such as arms, legs or back workouts were ok on my own, but for things such as military press or bench press I always asked someone if they could spot me.  “Spot” meaning just making sure I don’t drop the weight on myself and maybe helping just a little bit to finish that last rep.

My rep range was 4-6, which ment if I could complete a set of 6 reps with a weight it was a sign to move up the weight. However if I had a weight I could only do 4 reps with I would stick with that weight until I could complete 6 reps, however long that may take. Only then would I move the weight up again.

I was basically in competition with myself every week.

Cardio wise I’m not doing that much at the moment, I’m just jumping on the cross trainer and going as fast as I can for 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after weight training. Not doing any interval stuff at the moment that will come into play when I start the cutting phase. So here’s the results so far——–>


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