What i did…

My friend (who also wanted to quit smoking) and I saw these E-Cigarettes in our local supermarket and thought “Does it really work?”


he went ahead a bought one; it was £6 for a disposable one which was the equivalent of 40 cigarettes. I didn’t buy one, although I was interested in it, I didn’t think it would work.

I asked my friend how it was going a few weeks later when he came round to see me, he said that it worked; he hadn’t touched a cig since he bought it. Even when I went out for a cigarette he came out with me and was smoking his e-cig.

At the start of 2013 I found a deal on “Groupon” (ill cover groupon on another post) for a company called “Vapouriz”. The deal consisted of;

Vapouriz Gemini Starter Kit (which is a refillable e-cigarette, not a disposable one) and 3 packs of (5) pre-filled cartridges for £20 instead of the normal price of £58.94p. The “Vapouriz Gemini Starter Kit” itself contained the battery and 3 pre-filled cartridges. Each of the pre-filled cartridges were the equivalent of 40 cigarettes.

I decided to give it a go, after all if it worked for my friend maybe it will work for me, plus its only £20! Within a day it came through the post, that very day I started using it. Like my friend whenever I wanted a smoke I would go outside and smoke the e-cig, even though I could smoke it inside I didn’t, I pretended it was a normal cigarette. After day one I hadn’t touched a cigarette and I was fine, I wasn’t agitated or moody at all. Every time I felt like I wanted a smoke I went out and smoked my e-cig. A week went by, again perfectly fine, didn’t even look at a pact of fags. Whenever I felt the need to have a smoke I would replace the cigarette with the e-cig and I was ok.

Did it work? Find out here ——->


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