Stop smoking with an E-Cig! Does it really work?

Are you thinking or serious about kicking the habit? Tried it before but ended up going back to it? Well this article is for you.

HastingsFirst of all a little bit about me, I started smoking in secondary school at the age of 12. It started off with nicking one or two off my mum, going out, smoking, then spraying myself with deodorant and using chewing gum to try and cover the odour, I wasn’t smoking much at this point. At 18 I was smoking more and more. Then my parents caught me and gave me “The talk”, after that I actually quite (cold turkey) for a year.

When I hit 20 I was hanging round with “the wrong crowd” where everyone was smoking, I started up again, this time I was smoking more than before. During the week I would smoke 10 or 15 a day however I was going down the pub every weekend where I could go through 2 packs of 20s per night with ease.

Now fast forward to Last year (2012 when I was 22) I thought “I’ve been smoking for about 12 years now!!” shocked at how long I had been smoking for I thought I’d try to  kick the habit for once and for all, my girlfriend at the time also tried to encourage me to quit. So I did, cold turkey again like I did when I was 18. The first few days were the worse I was becoming easily agitated and moody, however that passed, before I knew it I had stopped for about 2 months, that being said in those 2 months the smallest things would piss me off.

Then disaster struck! I broke up with my girlfriend which led me to… yep you guessed it, start smoking again and yep I was smoking a lot more than before! This carried on for a few months, I was smoking so much that it was really starting to affect me, a simple brisk walk would leave me breathing  a bit heavy. Before when I use to smoke and train at the gym it didn’t affect me that much, but now I couldn’t run for even 30 seconds without coughing. I really had to do something.

Check out what i did ——->


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