Did it work?

Both my mate and I have the same e-cigs, he now hasn’t smoked for about 2 months I believe and I haven’t smoked now for a month. Unlike the last times I tried to quite I’m not agitated or moody. I haven’t thought about buying or having a cigarette and like a said whenever I feel like I want a smoke I use my e-cig.


About 2 weeks ago (which would have been 2 weeks off cigarettes and 2 weeks on the e-cig) my friend and I did a test, I wanted to see if not smoking cigarettes had affected my lungs at all, or was it just the case that we’ve substituted one bad habit for another? So we decided to actually go ahead and have one cigarette each to see how we would feel when we smoked it. We went outside lit up, took a draw and instantly started coughing, we noticed that we could both tell that it tasted like crap and we didn’t even want to finish the rest of it. Result! It looks like the e-cig is working.

I even gave the e-cig to my mum, a woman who’s been smoking for many years. She tried it for 2 days and I asked her how she felt? She said that it was good, just like me, every time she felt like a cigarette she would go out and smoke the e-cig just like she would a normal cigarette. I actually ordered one for my mum too.

To anyone who is interested in quitting, I strongly recommend getting one of these. If anything it’s a great stepping stone to actually giving up. I say stepping stone because the e-cig does still contain nicotine. It doesn’t have all the tar and chemicals a cigarette does, but it does have nicotine in it. So what I’m doing is using the e-cig and slowly starting to come off it, which I’ve been having some success with, as I’m only really smoking it when I’m out at the pub or outside chilling with my friends. Very rarely do I go out the back when I’m at home for a smoke like I use to when I was smoking.

“So which one’s the best?”

Well everything I’ve written on this post is from personal experience and as I haven’t tested any others, I can’t say which ones the best. What I can say is I recommend “Vapouriz” because so far my friend, my cousin, now my mum and I all have e-cigs from them, their good and they do the job.

Check out my Vapouriz Gemini review ——>


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