Straight Outta Blackhole!!!‏


Most people would remember their first experience with music, whether it be a certain song played on the radio, on the TV or on your parents JVC Hi-Five system. For most of us certain songs are the soundtrack to our lives, the songs you grew up listening to as a child or the albums you used to listen to during your school days, till later on in life when you remember the song(s) played when you first fell in love, the song(s) you played during your break up. Even occasions such as the songs played at family birthdays, weddings and christenings or even when your first child was born. Certain songs stay with people because they remind us of moments in our lifetime, what we were doing, who we were with, what were we feeling at that moment when the first note or lyric cached our attention. Me personally I have had songs that have captured most of the moments mentioned above and like most it all started with that first moment…..

Now throughout my childhood I remember most gatherings being around my house, family and friends would converse, dominoes would be slammed onto the special domino table, the aroma of delicious food would be coming from the kitchen, drinks would be in flowing into glasses, grown ups talking about the good old days. But one of the most important things that you had to have at a Homer gathering was good music. From the morning to the night to the morning again music would blast from the numerous speakers around my house with everyone two stepping signing along with their lighter in the air feeling the vibes of a timeless classic. You name it, reggae, ska, soca, soul, old school rhythm & blues these genres of music I constantly heard songs that I recognise through constant play at my house but I didn’t understand until I was much older and discovered these songs for myself.

My first memorable brush with music started with my oldest brother, he used to swap tapes with his friends at school of the lastest music out at the time. My brother had the top room of the house so all the sound was secluded to his room only. The rule was that if he played music, hip hop in particular he would have to play it at volume level 2. This was so that it did not influence me and my middle brother who was young at the time. Me being the adventurous younger sibling I was I used to sneak into my brothers room and listen to his cassettes and CD’s just to see what he was listening to. Now the first time I did this I turned on the stereo, press play and this violent sound blasted through my ears. The lyrics ‘ raw imma give it to ya/with no trivia/ raw like cocaine straight from bolivia/ my hip-hop will rock and shock the nation… The cassette was none other than the Wu tang clans debut album enter the Wu tang….36 chambers.


At the age of four I was blown away, the cast of characters displaying unique voices rapping the most spine shattering lyrics ever put on wax over rugged beats, I was hooked and I wanted more….

Since then my appetite for music has been limitless, my most loved hobby is researching music, before the days of broadband I would buy music magazines, biographies and anything related to good music no matter what genre and recently vinyl collecting to add to my library.


So guys this is just the intro on my music background and I hope to share more stories with you relating to music as more articles are posted. This is a blog where I can show you guys music that I like and has influenced me over the years and hopefully you guys can show me good music that I haven’t come across yet. A fun forum for music lovers, nothing serious just good vibes.

To keep things interesting  I want to do certain themed post along with the regular post just to mix things up. Here are some I want to do but they could change.

Do the shuffle (talk about 5-10 songs on my iPod that are on shuffle)

Play list (recommendations for any type of occasion)

Rare gems (songs that flew under the listeners radar)

Classic albums? (Albums that have reached classic status are discussed)

Year in review: Albums and songs that were big in the said year

That’s all for now guys but make sure to check back here for more music post coming straight outta the black hole. Peace!

By Jahmar


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