“Nobody could’ve landed that plane like I did. “

MV5BMTUxMjI1OTMxNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjc3NTY1OA@@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_2013 is shaping up to be a good year for film, well so far. The year has only just started and already we have some great films out in cinema. Here we have a film that combines pulse pounding scenes with an in depth look at the struggles of an alcoholic.

After pilot Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) saves the day, by crash landing a plane, saving 96 souls out of 102, Whip is a hero to many people. However an investigation into the plane crash reveals that Whip has a very big alcohol and drug problem. Whip is faced with the life altering decision of either, accepting he has a problem or spending the rest of his life in prison.

The film was actually inspired by a real life disaster, which involved the crash of “Alaska Airlines 261”, where like in the film; the pilot had to roll the plane to an inverted position in order to stabilize it. Nonetheless unlike in the film, this action didn’t help them to save the aircraft.

Right from the start we are put into the driver’s seat (or should I say cockpit) where we first-hand experience how problems arise during the plane ride and how the pilot as well as the crew deal with them. After the crash we see some convincing CGI before we start our in-depth character study of pilot Whip Whitaker.

Now many times when your watching a film, you’re aware that you’re watching an actor portray a character, however with Flight it was very easy to get lost in the film as well as actually believe that Denzel Washington was Whip Whitaker, who at first your rooting for but as the film goes on you start to doubt whether you actually like him or not.  Without a performance like Denzel’s I’m sure the film would have seemed like a drag or get very boring very quickly. Instead the development of his character was so interesting that you’re completely drawn into the film, you want to see what happens, you want him to succeed, you want him to stop drinking and you want him to be a hero.

If you can’t tell already Denzel stole the show, that being said he was backed up by some excellent supportive acting. John Goodman is a delight to watch work his comedic magic on screen, Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood deliver some of the best dialog in the film along with Washington. Kelly Reilly is brilliant as the drug-addicted Nicole, who is trying her best to turn over a new leaf. Although he has a small part in the film and may not be as known as most of the cast James Badge Dale plays a cancer patient who in my opinion was brilliant, very sarcastic, his scene with Kelly Reilly and Denzel Washington was very memorable for me personally.

If you can appreciate a film with outstanding acting, a brilliant narrative and script, then check out Flight in cinemas now.

By Fiaz Ali


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