“Behind every Psycho is a great woman.”

hitchcock_ver2_xlgI was skeptical about seeing this film, not because it looked rubbish, but because of my lack of knowledge about Alfred Hitchcock, despite the fact that he was born in Leytonstone (about 10 minutes from where I live).That being said, the film is brilliant!

As seen on many movie posters the film shows the “Untold story of Psycho”, as well as an insight into the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) and his wife, Alma Reville (Helen Mirren). The film shows the challenges and struggles it took for Hitchcock’s best film to be made.

I think that both Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren’s performances were superb. The make-up crew on the film did an excellent job of bulking up Anthony Hopkins. When watching the film I honestly thought he put on weight for the film which normally I would applaud and respect, however for a man of his age to do such a thing might have some serious repercussions on his health. After some research I found out that he was actually in a fat suit. I was surprised to find out that this was Sacha Gervasi’s first movie, defiantly setting the bar high for his forthcoming films.

Honestly if you could appreciate a film that has good drama, excellent acting and a brilliant script then check out Hitchcock in cinemas February 8th 2013

Good evening.

By Fiaz Ali


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