Cash back!

Like to shop? Who doesn’t!

MH900423613Well in this day and age all our shopping can be done online, from video games to music to groceries.  As well as being easy to do you can get some great offers and savings online, but what if you could save more by getting cash back for you purchases?

So how does it work?

It’s very simple; there are many cash back websites out there, all you have to do is sign up with one, once signed up your ready to go. Now instead of going directly to the online shop you want, you access the retailers store via a link on the cash back website. You then shop and pay for your items as you usually would, however the cash back site tracks that you’ve visited the retailer as well as made a purchase and then tracks your cash back. So you still get your items from the retailer but now you get some money back from the cash back site too. The cash back is normally calculated as a percentage of what you’ve paid.

So for example;

You want to buy groceries from” Tesco”. Normally you would go directly to the” Tesco” website, but you want the 5% cash back offered by your cash back website. So you go to the cash back website, search for “Tesco” and then click their link to go to the” Tesco” website. You do your shopping as normal, let’s say you spend £50, pay and then the cash back site will track your purchase and then pay you 5% cash back (which would be £2.50) from your purchase.

You can get your cash back paid straight into your account if you want or some of the sites offer vouchers for a specific retailer (normally they offer you as additional 5% of what you’ve earned if you go for the voucher option).

It doesn’t sound like much but once you get into it the money starts to pile up and you will see that you can end up saving hundreds in a year. Imagine stuff like mobile phone contract (Which you get a lot of cash back for), car insurance (again you get a lot of cash back), games, dvd’s, music, gadgets, the list goes on and on. Honestly it is a good thing to try and you will seriously save a lot of money.

Now the next question is which cash back site is the best? Well in my experience “Top Cash Back” ( is one of the best as they have almost every retailer listed, they are reliable and most of the time quick to pay you your cash back. As well as offering you cash back “Top Cash Back” also gives you codes (when available) for even more money off purchases, with all that taken into consideration and in my experience its easy to see why its the UK’s number one cash back site.

So check it out and I’m sure you won’t be sorry and lets start saving so we can all have some more fun in life.

By Fiaz Ali


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